3 Criteria

1. Dutch

The product is made in Holland and is in production.

2. Circular

Products are made from materials that are easy to recycle without the use of contaminants. Also the majority and in particular the most prominent part of the product is made from recycled material.

3. Design

It is visually clear that the product is made from recycled material, that the material’s previous function is still recognizable.

3 Labels

One star

When a product contributes making the chain more circular and is designed according the 3 DCD principles it will be awarded with one star.

Two star

When the circular loop is closed at the back or front and the product is designed according to the DCD principles it is awarded with two stars.

Three star

When the product is not only designed according to the 3 DCD principles but also with a closed loop it gets three stars.

Meet the jury

Specialists in design and circularity

Together with a group of specialists jury members our head of the advisory board decides which product receives a DCD label and which rank. The jury is a mixed group of professionals, each with their own expertise in the field of design and circularity.